Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Shed

An interesting and sustainable aspect of our building project is that it was designed around a 6 X 6.5 metre shed, Michelle had purchased, that resided in the back yard of our architect's home in Albany where we also live. It was very similar to that pictured above but with a wooden frame, steel purlins and Woodland Grey Colorbond.
Our next job was to dismantle it and transport it up to the building site where the frames would be rebuilt to specification and re-erected. My end of the building is a duplicate that will be built with new materials.
It did not take long to get the shed down and we carefully marked each sheet, frame and purlin to ensure we could get it back together again.

Turpsy had kindly hired us his huge 6m trailer and a large 4wd at a very generous rate and we managed to get all the sheeting and purlins on board the trailer.
Turpsy had manufactured some stirrups which hung off the sides of the 4WD that we stacked the frames on and they reached just little under the legally allowed 4 metres in height.
The return trip to the back to the block 56kms away in Denmark was slow and a little nerve racking as it was a hot and windy day and included a stop in the middle of one of the major Albany streets to re-strap the frames which had started to shift. There was only a little space for other road users to pass but there was nothing we could do about it and needless to say we were glad to hit the open road albeit gingerly!
Of course, once we got there we then had to unload the trailer as Turpsy needed his trailer and 4WD back that evening.
Our friend Roland happened to turn up just in time to help us unload the frames.
He surprised us by at first refusing as he was too tired from surfing.
"Well good try Roland, but you are being a bit of a bloody woos, so get yourself on the end of that frame and give us a bloody hand mate!"

Roland made a quick getaway before we asked him to do anything else as we then had the exhausting task of unloading the 6m+ long sheets one at a time as it was a fair distance down the block to where they were to be stored until they were ready to be fixed.

So now we just had to rebuild the frames and pop them up at the high end of the platform!

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