Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The shed frames

So now we have a beautiful big flat area to rebuild Michelle's frames on. They were constructed quite lightly with a mixture of 35mm X 90mm and 45mm X 90mm timber at 900mm centres. Our specifications called for 45mm X 90mm timber at 450mm centres so there was quite a bit of work for us to do.
The 6m end frames used a cathedral design to support the purlins and were split in 3 metre halves so as they were not to heavy to lift into position and then joined together.
When I last built frames it was back in the late 80's and I used 2nd hand Jarrah from salvage yards.
In those days, I had to use a power saw to cut the 4inch X 2inch jarrah, a chisel to cut housings for each stud on both the top and bottom plates and a hammer to fasten.
How things have changed since.
This time I am using treated structural pine cut with a hand saw, with the studs attached using a nail gun to top and bottom plates without housings! Much quicker, I must say and more than adequately strong.
Squaring up the frames before fixing all the requisite cut timbers together was the most critical and important part of the job. A project such as this is always a challenge for a relationship. More on that matter in a later post.
Michelle had concerns about lifting the frames in to position especially as the first frames were to be erected at the highest end of the platform. I have had some experience with doing so and was not as worried and once we got one up she realised that it was not going to be as difficult as she had imagined. We used long lengths of timber nailed to the edge of the platform so as there was some support behind the frame to stop it toppling over the edge. We then also attached timber lengths about 2/3 of the height of the studs as further supports that could be fastened to the flooring once vertical and squaring had been accomplished.

I wonder if you can spot the OBFU ( Owner Builder F**k Up ) in the frame facing this way? No well more about that later.

They went up easily and quickly in the end.

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