Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The deck and middle section frames

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, one of my favourite features of this building project is the massive 12 metre deck. Now that we had the shed frames erected at each end of the platform we had lost our work area so we needed to create another flat area to build the frames to join those two end section together. So I started work on laying the timber for the deck using 90 X 21 reeded treated pine. This was the easiest job so far and the only down side was a sore backing from leaning over nailing for a long period of time but it went on very quickly and looked magnificent.

With a new work area now available we could go ahead and connect the two outer sections together with two frames.

The front one, shown here was the biggest frame built to date, as the middle section skillion roof is at it's highest point at the front of the building. As this wall was to meet the other at an angle there was a little tricky cutting required to ensure a reasonable fit.
Having completed the 2 halves of this frame each with a big openings for a sliding door and lifting the first of them into position at the higher end of the platform our OBFU became most obvious.
In our endeavour to provide Michelle with as much wall space as possible in her studio we had decided to move the position of one of the door openings in the internal frame of her shed. Unfortunately, it became apparent that half the door opening was on the deck and the other half inside. Even with the frames in place we managed to rebuild the door opening back where it should have been thankfully resolving the issue.

The rear frame was the smallest and the first attempt also resulted in an OBFU as the kitchen window later needed to be shifted! Even with the best of intentions and pre-planning they happen!

All done and you can also see that we have got some purlins up on Michelle's section as she was getting worried about her floor and was super keen to get the roof on over her area

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