Monday, June 14, 2010

Septics, Steve the plumber, roof flashing and final cladding

We probably should have got the work for the septics completed before this point. I was actually now concerned there was not going to be enough space between the next door neighbours fence and the building to get heavy machinery down to dig the trenches for the leach drains and the pits for the septics. We had considered a couple of other solutions including a Rotaloo, which was expensive to purchase and install and would have required a leach drain and septic tank aswell, and french drains which would have been difficult to fit in the area available without taking out more trees which we did not want to do.
Luckily, the first earthmoving contractor I contacted had the perfect piece of machinery to do the job which fitted quite easily through the space available.
Of course, we now also needed to call on the services of a plumber and we chose the inimitable Steve Larkman, also a local musician , who I had first met at the Great Southern Institute of Technology where I work.

Steve did a fantastic job managing the septic installation operation working well with the earthmoving contractors and even giving the local sand merchants a blast at one point for not turning up in time with a load and holding up the job. He also installed preparatory piping beneath the house invoking a job excellently done response from the Plumbing Board inspectors who turned up a few weeks later.
While the septics were going in Michelle and I continued work on the rest of the building wrapping the rest of the framework and getting the entire roof on.

Well almost the entire roof because as you can see there is still, what turned out to be a very tricky angled area butting up against the internal vertical gable of Michelle's end of the building, to complete.
I must acknowledge here Michelle's fantastic contribution to the project of installing and fixing all the roof cladding herself aswell as working out how to flash this critical area of the roof so that it was watertight including the use of a lead flashing replacement product called WakaFlex.

Now that we had got the roof sorted we could then complete the cladding of the rest of the building. We eventually decided on a three colour combination, to contrast with Michelle's Woodland Grey, of Surfmist for the central area and Manor Red for my end of the building.

Crisp clean lines that look great?

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  1. Yes, that roof nearly did my head in more than my body. I would sit up there for ages contemplating angles and overlaps.....