Monday, November 1, 2010

The Laundry/bathroom/toilet

So now it is time to work on the inside of the project and this post will deal with the main wet area which is located in my end between the Kitchen/dining/sitting area and my bedroom.
The first job that needs doing is getting the floor tiled and we contract local tiler Alan Bourne.
As Michelle is not keen on tiles because of the cleaning issues especially the grout, and I am inclined to agree, we have kept the tiling to an absolute minimum. So we choose not to have a single row of tiles at the bottom of the wall and ask him to just create an area in the shower recess that will minimise water run off and to tile the rest of the floor. Bourney does a great job for us with some very nice grey/blue tiles for $25 a square metre shown here

We have decided to clad this area in Villaboard with one length of colorbond as a feature and laminex in the shower area over the Villaboard.
As I know it is going to be tricky to lift the Villaboard sheets above head high as they are quite heavy, I restrict the length of the sheets I order to 3 metres accepting that I will have vertical joints to fill as the room is longer. The sheets end up going up fairly quickly even with the height issue and the number of openings that had to be accurately cut around plumbing and electrical fittings.